Vasara HD Collection announced

Great news! Apparently QUByte Interactive has purchased the rights of Visco. There are various good titles that this publisher held, names like Andro Dunos (Neogeo), Captain Tomaday (Neogeo), Neo Mr. Do! (Neogeo), Storm Blade (PCB) and of course the Vasara series for the arcade!

Now QUByte has announced it will launch the port beginning of 2019 to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

The story is set in the year 1600 A.D. The current ruler of Japan, Hideyoshi Hashiba has died and Ieyasu Tokugawa is planning on taking over. The three protagonists are trying to keep Tokugawa from succeeding, battling their way through a series of warlords sent by Tokugawa to stop them.

Source: Arcade Otaku forum