Aka to Blue: Type-R – New video footage and information

There has been lots of information coming out of the JAEPO 2018 event where an Aka to Blue: Type-R unit could be found.

First of, the hardware Features of the EXA Unit:

– Supports both older 4:3 CRT based cabinets (31kHz only) and newer 16:9 LCD cabinets
– 1 exA-Arcadia unit supports up to 4 software titles to maximize operator revenue on 1 arcade cabinet
– Optimized for Operators with no forced revenue sharing on coin play
– Continuous support of titles via free online updates with no extra network charges
– Lower cost Software Kits that are easily interchanged
– Hardware specs* that surpass current home consoles, “easily on par with Playstation 4 and XBOX ONE.”
– The board is compliant with the JVS standard and is compatible with all JVS JAMMA I/O boards on the marketplace.
– The price of exA-Arcadia (including 1 game) will be under 200.000 Yen ($1838)

Second, for who didn’t know is the developer behind Aka to Blue is Hiroyuki Kimura, who previously worked at Cave. He is the boss of Tanoshimasu. Kimura started out at Climax, where he contributed to the likes of Shining Force and Landstalker as well as other companies. At Cave, Kimura worked on Akai Katana Shin, DoDonPachi Maximum, and other bullet hell shooters. He’s now the CEO of Tanoshimasu.

As the original game started out as an iOS game, you can see Tanoshimasu is making an effort to utilise the extra power available on the new platform:

And of course a nice video of how the game plays:

There is a nice read through in this translated IGN article about the game.